Live Yeast Cell Derivative (LYCD)

Pharmaceutical Grade LYCD for Specialty Topicals, Skin Care Regimes, Personal Care.

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Yeast Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucans

Our purified Yeast Beta Glucans are available for Cosmetic & Personal Care as well as Nutritional Supplements.

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Proprietary Extract Blends

Biologics is offering a proprietary blend of ingredients based upon a synergy of products.

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Biologics knows Yeast Extracts

Our history serves us well and we use our knowledge base every day in our production and product development. We are the only company producing a truly "Pharmaceutical Grade Live Yeast Cell Derivative" which is incorporated into Preparation H sold outside of the United States.  We understand the variances in similar products but are aware of their shortcomings in terms of efficacy and benefits.

We have assisted other companies in the development of yeast extract patents, up to and including the design and implementation of their manufacturing facilities.

Our accomplishments can be found here.

3d rendered illustration of bakers (budding) yeast used for beer-brewing and baking

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